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محل زندگی: Fashion123
درباره من: Our History
Shenzhen Boxing Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2012. We are the professional manufacturer of developing all kinds of travel adapters and power sockets for oversea and China markets. Products with CE, LVD, FCC, RoHs and other international certifications.
Our Factory
Boxin has a whole set of manufacturing equipment and comprehensive testing means, and also perfect computer information management system. t.
Our Product
Full range of travel plug adapters, power sockets, iec socket, power cord plug.
Product Application
Commercial, travel, industrial.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Injection machine, voltage testing machine,packing machine
Production Market
Asia, South Africa, South America, USA, UK, France and other European markets.
Our Service
1. All of our products have proceeded aging test before shipment and we guarantee to use our products safety;
2. Support imprint your logo on products and let your logo shine anywhere;
3. OEM/ODM orders are warmly welcome!Wholesale Rocker Switch C14 Inlet Male Power Connector
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